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Key Benefits


Flexible lease

Adjust the length of stay to your needs with a rental agreement for a few months or longer.


Transparent price

Pay only a fixed rent including utilities and WiFi, without unexpected costs.


No risk

Book a place online with payment protection and move-in even on the same day.

How it works?

Find the best offer

Save time by choosing available and verified offers. Choose the place quickly and easily without any hassle.

Book online

Fill out the booking form with information about yourself and the date when you want to move in.

Get approved

Wait for the host's approval, who usually needs one day to get to know your candidacy.

Make a payment

Pay the booking fee according to the details you received in the email to make sure the selected seat is reserved for you.

Move in

Arrange the meeting with the Host to sign an agreement and move into the place.

Extend the stay

If you decide that the place is suitable for you, you extend the rental for another week or month.


Since I am renting a room close to my work, I can save a lot of time travelling.



Fitter, 28 years old


I am very glad that I found Rezuro. My account manager helped me with quick accommodation and served as an interpreter in contact with the owner of the apartment.



Waitress, 27 years old


I used Rezuro the second time and I am glad to find an apartment. I travel often on business, and this solution suits me very well.



Salesman, 33 years old

Any questions?

Can I visit a property before I book?arrow

There is no need. All rooms on our platform have been verified by us so that you can save time and be able to focus on the move itself.

Who will I be living with?arrow

We have tenants of all ages and nationalities in our properties. We cannot share their details with you for privacy reasons and RODO.

Can I pay in cash?arrow

We only accept online payments due to the safety and requirements of the apartment owners.

Can I rent an apartment for a longer period?arrow

Of course. We are looking for tenants who will stay with us for longer and will be able to pay the rent regularly.

Is it possible to rent a room today?arrow

Yes, as long as you complete the booking form early enough and the host confirms that the place is ready to rent.

My booking has been accepted, now what?arrow

To move in you need to pay an administration fee (for cleaning) and the first rent. The fee is deposited by until you move into the apartment.

After making the transfer, you will automatically receive an SMS with a contact to the Host, with whom you will sign the rental agreement.

Remember to take with you an identity document to sign the rental lease.

What happens if I don’t like the property I’ve moved into?arrow

You have 24hrs to let us know if everything is okay. If you think you’ve been misled, or our listing was significantly different to what you got, we’ll help you find somewhere else to live.

If despite our efforts, we do not find anything that meets your expectations, we will refund your money.

Other questions?

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